Thursday, 18 March 2010


So it's been a strange fortnight and i haven't got a great deal done. But I am now forging ahead with my Sweden-inspired childrens book and also another children's book with an author friend, which is very exciting. So hopefully there will be lots of finished work soon, but for now here are some sketches for my sweden book project:

This is the three goddesses of the lavvu rising from the fire smoke ( a lavvu being a Sami tent type thing). The goddesses are called Sarahkka Uksahkka and Juksahkka, and do all sorts of helpful stuff but also can make baby reindeers blind. There are lots of rules and customs to do with the goddesses and the lavvu, and lots of coffee traditions which I want to explore a bit, maybe as end papers.

This is my little character who is off on her slightly cold and miserable adventure!
I also have some more fashion week stuff left to post but that's for another day I think

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


So, after lots of fun illustrating for Amelia's Magazine it's time to start my new project! I'm aiming (i think) to make a childrens book, the inspiration for which will be sweden. I recently went to sweden and it was amazing, i love everything there (seriously -trees, houses, snow, lavvos, samis, husky dogs, reindeer, northern lights -amazing.)
Here's a small taster, i could upload about a million but that might get dull for you...